March Break Takeout Church Resource

March Break Takeout Church Resource

This simple resource has been created for you to offer families this March Break (or anytime really!)  You have 2 options of how you could make use of this. You could either put together a kit that you deliver and you will find the instructions and everything you need on this page OR you give your families THIS LINK (link will publish on Feb. 22) which contains everything in an online format. If you choose the online format you may wish to create your own brief video message to tell families about this resource.

March Break Takeout Church Kits

*Please note that there are some virtual experiences that are included in this resource, even if you are preparing a physical kit.

The following list are the items you may wish to include in a kit. Some are resources we have created that you print out and some are items for you to purchase/supply.

Select a box, bag, pail or any kind of container you would like to use to put the kit items in.

Maybe God is Like that Too written by Jennifer Grant is the storybook that forms the theme of the week. This is a wonderful book for families to own, however if you do not have the budget to provide a copy of this book then you can refer families to the recording I have made of it.

Include 1 copy of the mission in each kit. Click on the image to download the page to print. It is set up with 4 copies on a page for you to cut apart. If you have white cardstock, consider using that to print this on. This mission card accompanies the Star Board resource.


Click on the image to print out this page of stars on yellow paper or cardstock. Either cut out each of the stars and include several in each kit or include the entire page for families to cut out. You should also include a piece of black bristol board or equivalent for the stars to be put on, and a glue stick or roll of tape. Be sure to include several copies of the stars as families will use them to record their ‘God sightings’ throughout the week.


Click on the image to print off and cut apart 1 sheet per kit. There are 9 ‘Would you rather…?’ questions and 3 Dinner Time Conversation starter questions. Consider printing this out on white cardstock.


Click on the image to print off and cut apart a Reel Family Time Movie Discussion Guide. This one has question prompts that could be used with any movie a family watches together. Consider attaching the guide to a bag of microwave popcorn to include in your kit. See the movie specific discussion guides we have created here. Read more information on why offer this experience here.

Some other fun elements to include:

Moon Sand. This simple to make item is lots of fun for kids and adults! Make some to include in each kit or give parents the recipe. You only need flour and oil!

Scratch Art. Check out the video tutorial from Pastor Tina Rae. Include some paper, crayons, black paint and a paintbrush and some toothpicks in your kit for families to create their own scratch art.

Some cool virtual experiences. The following is a list of links to some of the free virtual tours that families might have fun exploring together. You may consider selecting a few you want to suggest to families and emailing/posting them to your social media or send them this link ( to check out the list we have compiled.

Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas

Explore Mars in this virtual experience. 

Check out the live cams in Monterey Bay Aquarium

Check out the prerecorded tours at Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

Tour Yellowstone National Park

Fly Through a Colossal Cave 

Discover the Burgess Shale In Yoho National Park

Tour the Louvre

The ROM has some cool experiments to check out! 

Another fun idea might be to suggest families have a theme meal one night!


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