Lent 2020

Lent 2020

The Season of Lent offers us a meaningful way to enter into the depth of the significance of the Easter Celebration! I believe that in order to truly understand the power of the Resurrection, we need this time of Lent to remind us of why Jesus went to the cross.

This season gives us an opportunity to open ourselves to be stretched to know, love and serve God and our neighbour in a new and deeper way.

The early Christians stood out because of how they treated everyone they encountered! They were known by the love they showed. Lent offers that opportunity for us to pause in a particular way and be reminded of our identity as “Easter people”.

The 3 aspects that go into engaging the Lenten season are Fasting, Prayer and Almsgiving.

Fasting is all about giving up something, not because God needs whatever the particular thing is we give up, but because he wants our hearts! Fasting from something places us in a posture to be open to allowing God to transform our hearts. Prayer is an opportunity to grow in our relationship with God and deepen our commitment to a way of life that is rooted in our baptism. In our busy world, prayer offers us a way to slow down, reflect and consider ourselves and others as we listen for the voice of the Holy Spirit. Almsgiving is about making the needs of others the needs of our own. It’s about compassion.

These 3 practices do not make us ‘super Christians’ nor are they things we are to proudly boast about. Read Matthew 6 for some guidance from Jesus.

And all of these are things that can be practised with our children, whether in our family times or in our communities of faith! Check out ideas here and here and here. For prayer ideas check out here.

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I would love to be praying for you and your family as we move through this Lenten season! Email me and share how I might direct my prayers!

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