Lent 2019

Lent 2019

Lent officially begins today with Ash Wednesday. If you are unfamiliar with the practise of lent or think it is just for Roman Catholics you might find it helpful to read this post on Lent and this post on Ash Wednesday.

Last year I wrote a post with some ideas for Lent that you can read here. I have compiled some more ideas that I invite you to consider as you look for ways to make this a meaningful season in your children’s ministry or to equip parents. I would love to hear if you try any of these or any other ways you are making this season meaningful! Email me and share how you’re engaging the season with kids!


Here is a fun way to review the Easter Story with legos! You will find instructions and a free downloadable guide here.


Lord’s Prayer Tracing Cross is a great activity to do throughout the lenten season. You will find instructions and a free downloadable pattern here. This would make a great prayer activity to incorporate into sunday school or a resource to send home with families!



Another great idea for an activity to incorporate into Sunday School or to send home as a resource for families is this Easter Story Picture Card Game. You will find instructions and the free downloadable resource here.





The season of Lent is 40 days long, not including Sundays (so actually 46 days!) That can seem like a really long time, especially for younger kids! And busy families may find it challenging to sustain any particular practises for 6 weeks, especially if this is a newer practise for them. So why not consider focusing on the final week, called Holy Week that begins with Palm Sunday. Here is a helpful post with some ideas. I have listed a few ideas below of some ways to make it a meaningful week for families.

Last year I highlighted a resource from Building Faith called Lent in a Bag. Here is another great idea for Holy Week called Holy Week in a box.  This would make a meaningful and inexpensive resource to give to families on Palm Sunday and could be used as a Palm Sunday Sunday School lesson.



If you, or the families in your community use the Jesus Storybook Bible with younger kids, then the Holy Week reading plan found here is a great resource! There are some simple activities and discussion ideas to go along with the readings.

For more ideas check out our Pinterest board!



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