May Family Faith Conversation

May Family Faith Conversation

Isn’t it amazing that in Christ, God gives us a brand new identity! We are created new, no matter who we were or what our background was. What does it mean for you that you are a new creation in Jesus? What does this mean for your kids?  May you bless your kids this month with this truth of who they are in Christ.  You may read directly from your device or click the button below for a print friendly version. If you need to download the journal page you can access it here.

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Getting Ready for the Search:

Chat Questions: What is something you were afraid to try that you ended up really enjoying? Was it food or an experience? Share with your family.

With your play dough, make a shape but keep some play dough back for the next steps. It can look like something or it can just be a shape. Pass it to the person on your left. Now, with the shape you have been given, try adding to it – without changing the original shape – to make it into something new. Keep passing it around until everyone has had a turn on each play dough creation.

How much did your creations change? Does it look like something real or abstract? Which one makes you laugh? Which one impresses you the most?

Looking for Clues in the Truth:

Look up Acts 9:1-19. Read the story through together.

Who was Saul? Whose side was he on? What happened on the road? I wonder what Paul was feeling before the light? How do you think he felt after the light flashed?

Who did Jesus choose to meet up with Saul? I wonder how he felt about finding Saul?

How do you think Saul felt after meeting Ananias?

Do you think this was a big change for Saul? Saul’s name changes. Do you know who Saul becomes? (Check Acts 13:9) Do you know him from some other stories in the bible? Which ones do you remember? Which ones do you like best?

How do you think Jesus felt about Saul before the light happened? How do you think Jesus felt about Saul after the light happened?

Do you have a time in your life when you didn’t know Jesus? How were you different then than you are now that you know Jesus better? What was your “old creation” self like? What is your “new creation” self like?

Or, has it felt like you have always known Jesus? I wonder what being a “new creation” in Jesus looks like for you?

Look up 2 Corinthians 5:17. What an amazing promise!

We found it! Time to Celebrate!

Case Notes: Wrapping up the investigation:

Find your pillowcase. This month, write or draw on your pillowcase something that will remind your family member that we are new creations in Jesus.

When you all are done with your art create a family circle and hold the ends of the pillowcases. Have a prayer time sharing with God what you created.


Write a note of blessing to tell each family member that they are new creations in Jesus.

Put them in your shoebox. Pray over your notes, blessing the person you wrote them about and praising God for them!

Case Notes: Wrapping up the investigation:

Take a few minutes each week this month to complete your journal page! Don’t forget to pray each day for the item you wrote in that day’s box!

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