March Family Faith Conversation

March Family Faith Conversation

When God calls, may we respond, regardless of our age! When God calls our kids, may we have wisdom to recognize and discern the best ways to guide them in responding to his call. Isn’t it absolutely amazing that God calls us in specific ways, even at a young age? May you bless your kids this month with this truth of who they are in Christ.  You may read directly from your device or click the button below for a print friendly version. If you need to download the journal page you can access it here.

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Getting Ready for the Search:

Chat Questions: When was a time that you felt like you just HAD to do something? Not a chore or something someone was making you do, but you felt like you needed to do it, all on your own? How did that turn out? Did you feel like you were in the right place at the right time? Share about that!

Do you want to try a cool science experiment? This one is with eggs and glasses of water. You can see a video of it here  and then try it yourself at home!

Did the egg always fall into the water for you? Do you think that when we listen to God’s calling in or lives, that we will always end up in the right place?

Looking for Clues in the Truth:

Look up 1 Samuel 3 in your bible or in a kid’s bible.

What happened when Samuel was sleeping? I wonder how Samuel felt? How do you think Eli felt?

What did Eli want Samuel to say when God called again? Have you heard God’s voice like that? What did you say to God?

I wonder if there are other ways God can speak to us? What have you experienced in hearing God?

What did God tell Samuel to tell Eli? Was it good news? How did Eli respond? How do you think Eli felt? How do you think Samuel felt?

I wonder what God is calling each person in your family to do or be right now? Take a minute to pray about that.

We found it! Time to Celebrate!

Find your pillowcase. This month, write or draw on your pillowcase something that will remind your family member that they are forgiven.

When you all are done with your art create a family circle and hold the ends of the pillowcases. Have a prayer time sharing with God what you created.


Write a note of blessing to tell each family member that they are forgiven.

Put them in your shoebox. Pray over your notes, blessing the person you wrote them about and praising God for them!

Case Notes: Wrapping up the investigation:

Take a few minutes each week this month to complete your journal page! Don’t forget to pray each day for the item you wrote in that day’s box!

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