February Family Faith Conversation

February Family Faith Conversation

How do you respond when you are hurting? What helps you to feel better? A kiss can make a ‘boo-boo’ feel better for kids but what about when the hurt they feel is inside? How do you help them discover our God of healing? May you bless your kids this month with this truth of who they are in Christ.  You may read directly from your device or click the button below for a print friendly version. If you need to download the journal page you can access it here.

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Getting Ready for the Search:

Chat Questions: When is a time you hurt yourself? What happened? How did you heal? What made you feel better?

Cut out a heart from a piece of paper. Now cut it in half.

Have you ever had a broken heart? I wonder when you felt lonely or sad or maybe even disappointed. What did you do when you felt that way? Who did you share your feelings with?

With a few bandaids, bind the heart back together again. Do you think God can heal your broken heart? How do you think that works? What do you think a healed heart feels like?

Look up Psalm 147:3 “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” Take a minute to thank God for that promise.

Looking for Clues in the Truth:

Look up a really cool true story found in 2 Kings 5:1-15.

What was wrong with Naamaan? Who had good answers for Naamaan? What did he have to do be healed? How do you think he felt after he was healed?

How do you think Naamaan first felt about the instructions Elisha gave him? Has God ever asked you to do something you thought was unusual? How did that turn out?

Where have you seen God’s healing in your family, circle of friends or church?

I wonder if you know of other stories of healing in the bible? Which is your favourite right now?

We found it! Time to Celebrate!

Find your pillowcase. This month, write or draw on your pillowcase something that will remind your family member that we are healed.

When you all are done with your art create a family circle and hold the ends of the pillowcases. Have a prayer time sharing with God what you created.


Write a note of blessing to tell each family member that they are healed.

Put them in your shoebox. Pray over your notes, blessing the person you wrote them about and praising God for them!

Case Notes: Wrapping up the investigation:

Take a few minutes each week this month to complete your journal page! Don’t forget to pray each day for the item you wrote in that day’s box!

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