Advent 2021

Advent 2021

The season of Advent begins this year on November 28! Still looking for some ideas for the families in your community? We have gathered together a few new resources for 2021 as well as some other ideas we have posted in past years. Check them out below.


I am very excited about this brand new resource that is available this year on Nov. 2. It is the latest book in the series for Glenys Nellist. Both of her previous books in the series T’was the Evening of Christmas and T’was the Morning of Easter are well done and I expect this one will be too! At the time of writing, I am still waiting for my copy to arrive. I will update with a review once I receive it. Also, similar to the Easter book that released in the spring of 2021, the authour has created a free downloadable resource pack. You can access that, as well as watch a video interview about this book and find out more details here.



Eli the Donkey is available as a print your own digital download of a 56 page resource that is a colourful book of seven read-aloud stories, family devotions, activities and more that will be sure to create some wonderful memories for families as they focus on Jesus. If you are giving this to families, you might even consider finding inexpensive donkey plushes or toys to give with it! These resources from We are Kidmin are always very well done. Get all the details and download it from here.



Illustrated Ministry has both an updated resource as well as a slightly updated Christmas pageant 

There are other ideas and resources from previous years worth looking at as well on the website.



More ideas worth considering: 


Did you see this resource from Traci Smith that was out in time for Advent last year? It is full of ideas for meaningful experiences for families for Advent, Christmas and Epiphany. Check out my review, which includes a link to a great ‘Advent in a Box’ idea here.

She has made available a video training she did last year with ideas and ways to make use of this resource. Some of it may no longer be applicable as this was made for covid lockdown restrictions however, there is a lot of helpful ideas. The description gives a time marker of different topics.



You can also check out these ideas and resources we posted in 2019 as well as these ideas for Compassion experiences here.






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