Travel & Ministry when you have Kids

Travel & Ministry when you have Kids

Pastor Matt Sampson & his wife Alyssa, from Agincourt Baptist Church, love to see God at work in Community. Whether its in their own community of Scarborough, the community of their sister church St. Luke’s Presbyterian in Bathurst New Brunswick, or internationally in countries like Nicaragua.

Agincourt Baptist Church Scarborough Ontario Canada

Bathurst New Brunswick

St. Luke’s Presbyterian Bathurst, New Brunswick Canada


Before marriage, they had been actively engaged in ministry in each of these places.
When they got married, it was their desire to stay actively involved in these communities.

Travelling alone & travelling as a couple?
A lot of opportunities. A lot of growth. A lot of joy.

Then, two years ago they became parents!


What did living in Mission look like now?
What did it look like to travel to these beloved communities with whom they had developed close ties?
Should Matt go alone?
Would their little guy Torre “hold them back”?
Would the stress of travelling with a small child explode any attempt to be a blessing to others into a million tiny pieces?!

They decided that despite the added stressors of travelling with sippy cups & diapers,
they wanted to press on in ministry as a family. To do this together.

Travelling as a family?
There was, admittedly, more stress than doing it alone or as a couple…
However the constants that they found to be try as individuals and then as a couple still remained.

A lot of opportunities.
A lot of growth.
nd a whole lotta’ joy.

You might be wondering if the upcoming Family Compassion Experience with CBOQ would be something for your family to consider doing together? Below are Alyssa’s blog posts about travelling as a family to New Brunswick & Nicaragua. This may help give you a down to earth perspective of the experiences. It also might plant in you a seed of courage to potentially venture out as a family in similar ways.

Alyssa’s Reflections

Travel & Church Ministry with a Small Child: 
Bathurst, New Brunswick Day 1
Bathurst, New Brunswick Day 2
Bathurst, New Brunswick Days 3-5
Bathurst, New Brunswick Days 6-8

Travelling Internationally with a Small Child:
Flying & First Night in Nicaragua
Nicaragua Day 1
Nicaragua Day 2
Nicaragua Day 3
Nicaragua Day 4
Nicaragua Day 5
Nicaragua Day 6
Nicaragua Day 7
Nicaragua Day 8

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