Discover with your Family

Gather your family and ask these questions of everyone…

What is something cool you have created?

What is something that you would love to learn to create?

Where is a place that you have really appreciated God’s creation?

Discover through the Bible

Have you ever tried to draw a story from scripture?  Using paper and crayons, or your driveway and sidewalk chalk, or any method you like, get ready to draw!

Check out Genesis 1 and 2 in your bible.  Draw what God creates each day.

  • Day 1: Light
  • Day 2: Sky
  • Day 3: Dry ground and plants
  • Day 4: Sun, moon and stars
  • Day 5: Birds and sea animals
  • Day 6: Land animals and people
  • Day 7: God rested

If you could pick only one day to watch and see how God did it, which day would you pick? Why?

What is a place in God’s creation that you would like to explore?

What do we learn about God in Genesis 1? What do we learn about God through his creation?

Discover God in nature with your Senses

On the second day, God created the sky.

Have you ever watched the clouds?  Try laying a blanket down in your backyard or a park. Lay on your back and look at the sky.  Eyes looking up and wide open! What shapes are the clouds?  Do they look like anything?  An animal? A bird?

Take a minute and thank God for the things you spot in the clouds.

This is also fun to do while riding in the car!

Are the clouds wispy?  Take some time to watch the clouds quietly and listen.  Invite God to speak with you as you lay on your back and look at the sky.

Reel Family Time

Movies are great ways to discuss big themes. Meet the Robinsons is a great movie for discussing the theme of creation. Check out our Reel Family Guide for discussion questions.


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