Take Out Church

Take Out Church

Summer is coming! And that means many of the families in our faith communities will be travelling or participating in other activities that take them away from church. Why not stay connected and provide some fun family faith formation resources too?

BRAND NEW this year is CBOQ Kids resource “Take Out Church”.

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Here’s what you can expect as well as an F.A.Q. section.

Downloadable Resources:

  • A ‘Takeout Menu’ of 4 family devotions that include an interactive worship experience, bible story, discussion questions, a response activity and an idea to live out the words of Jesus as a family.
  • A set of 10 identity in Jesus cards
  • A set of  20 conversation starter cards
  • A welcome/introduction letter that includes some kids and parents app suggestions
  • Flat Jesus template
  • 4 colouring sheets
  • Ministry Leader Instruction sheet that contains everything you need to know to put together this resource for the families in your church

Other resources provided:

F.A.Q. for Ministry Leaders

Q: Why Takeout Church?

A: I first came across this idea in 2016 when I read this post from a church that had come up with the idea as a way to engage families over the summer. The idea stuck with me and as I have reflected on it over the last couple of years I decided this would be a great resource to create for our churches to support them in equipping families for faith formation.

Q: What does it cost?

A: It all depends on how you might want to customise the resource for your community! If you follow just the basic resource here you will need to purchase some kind of box/container to put the materials in, a beach ball, a package of sidewalk chalk, a package of crayons or markers, a bottle of bubbles and the cost of printing the resources.

Q: Do I have to create this exactly as described for my families?

A: No! You can create it exactly as is or customise it in any way that makes sense for the families in your church! This is not an original idea to CBOQ Kids but has been based on the idea from the church that originally created it.

Q: Do I have to put it in a pizza box? Where do I find pizza boxes?

A: You do not have to use a pizza box. However we think it is a great way to both communicate the theme of ‘takeout’, and makes for an easy way to store and travel with the resource. CBOQ Kids have purchased a quantity of boxes that you may pick up free of charge if you are attending our annual Assembly in June. (first come, first serve*). Or if you would like to purchase your own, there are a number of great low cost options. We ordered from here.

*if you are planning to come to Assembly you may reserve the number of boxes you would like by emailing Tanya. There will also be card holders for the identity and conversation cards available for free. Pizza boxes and card holders are only available for pick up and will not be mailed. 

Q: What is the age range for this resource?

A: This resource has been created to be used intergenerationally. The Bible stories chosen, along with the discussion questions and activities are suitable for young children through older adults and can easily be simplified or expanded depending on age and biblical understanding.

Q: Is there a teaching theme this resource uses?

A: Yes! We are launching a year long theme on Identity in Christ with this resource. There are 10 identity in Christ cards that are utilised during the response section of each bible story. Stay tuned for more resources coming for September 2019 on Identity in Christ!

Q: What are the hashtags? Why use them?

A: A hashtag is the # symbol followed by a word or phrase, used on social media like twitter, instagram and facebook. It is a way of categorising messages or pictures that allows it to be discovered by others. We are inviting people to use #cboqkids and #takeoutchurch and #flatjesus (all 3!) so that we can connect with and see everyone making use of this resource and to join with other churches that have used this idea over the last 5 years. You may want to add a hashtag for your church or ministry as well!


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