Summer Reading 2023

Summer Reading 2023

What will you be doing during the dog days of summer? I hope to find some lovely spots to curl up with some books I have been wanting to read.

Here are a few of my top recommends to check out this summer:

I called this a must-read especially for those ministering with children in my book review in May. If you haven’t already picked it up, consider reading it this summer. Be on the lookout for details of a group study starting later in the fall.

From the authour,

This book will explore what it looks like to re-member (to revisit and revive what has been part of us) our childhood selves, to let the Spirit heal the childhood wounds that have calloused our hearts. We will re-member the natural patterns of our childhood selves that enabled us to live with freedom in God’s wonder-filled presence. We will unpack seven general ways of being that are natural to childhood and suggest healing spiritual practices that can help us grow a whole life with God.




This is a must-read for anyone interested in the intergenerational ministry conversation. You can read why I say that in my book review from June. This book is rich with good thinking, research, stories and ideas and I highly recommend it as a must read for all pastors and leaders, particularly if you are just beginning to think about what intergenerational christian formation could look like in your faith community! There are lots of great practical ideas included.





We don’t really talk about covid much anymore but have you recovered? I mean really? How is it with your soul these days? This book was written specifically for dealing with the experience we all just went through and offers some helpful, practical, honest words that we all need to hear. Read it. You will be glad you did.





I have not yet read this book but I will be reading it this summer. I am intrigued by the premise. The authour applies attachment style theory to how we connect with God. According to the description, readers will gain insights about:

  • How you relate to others–both your strengths and weaknesses
  • The practical exercises you can use to grow a secure spiritual attachment to God
  • How to move forward on the spirituality spectrum and experience the Divine connection we all were created for
  • You’ll learn to identify and remove mixed messages about closeness with God that you may have heard in church or from well-meaning Christians. With freedom from the past, you can then chart a new path toward intimate connection with the God of the universe.

If you have read it, or you do read it this summer, let’s chat!


This is another book I will reading this summer on the high recommendation of a friend. It seems like a very good and practical book. Based on the authour’s years of experience as a counsellor, she offers thoughtful, Biblical ways to engage kids and teens in a way that will allow you to enter their world. A quick look through the pages show lots of practical activities and worksheets.

Again, if you have read it, or you do read it this summer, let’s chat!




I would love to hear what you have read or will be reading this summer. What books do you recommend? Comment below or send me an email.



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