Summer Camps/VBS 2021 MOH Guidelines

Summer Camps/VBS 2021 MOH Guidelines

The Ministry of Health has recently released an updated guideline document for summer day camps in Ontario. This is the current guidance as of May 26, 2021. You can read the document here.

Here are some of the key points from the document that will be important for churches to make note of and adhere to:

*if you do not already, you must have a covid workplace safety plan

*PPE requirements for all staff (and volunteers) surgical masks (not just cloth face covering) to be worn inside and outside (if 2 meter distance cannot be maintained). Also googles/face shield (if distance cannot be maintained)

*day camps must run for a minimum of 1 week (i.e. 3 day camps, etc)

*cohort groups (kids from same family must be in same cohort, regardless of age)

*this applies to kids 4-12. Under 4 fall under daycare act.

*daily screening requirement for participants and staff

*masks worn by kids grade 1+ required

*training required for all staff in covid safety/PPE use, etc.

We will edit and post any changes or updates as they become available.

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