Stories from Bloor West Village Baptist Church

Stories from Bloor West Village Baptist Church

Here at our little church, Bloor West Village Baptist Church (formerly Farmer Memorial Baptist Church) we started a new ministry in Sept. for children and their caregivers.  It has been very well received in the community and has grown beyond our wildest dreams. Each week seems to bring new challenges and new fun stories.  One of our biggest challenges has just been having enough tables and chairs for all.  I think most of us can put IKEA children’s chairs together in our sleep now. Bloor West Village 2

One week, we were singing a little song about God made the sun, God made the trees, God made the birds and God made me.  The next thing we knew three little three year olds were having quite the ‘discussion’ about who God made.  Each one insisted that God made them and not the other.  “God made me!” “No, me!” “No, me!”  It took a fair bit of convincing to establish that God made them all.

Another week a young man named Scott (name changed) was leaving with his nanny and we met on the stairs.  He put his hands on his hip and stated in a very strong punctuated voice, “We didn’t sing, This Is The Day!”  “Oh, Scott, you are right,” I replied, “We could sing it now.”  “Too late!” was the answer, and off he went.  His nanny proceeded to inform me that it is now his favorite song and he sings it all around the house.

Bloor West Village 4On Dec. 10 we had a Christmas party.  It really was fun.  There were 50 children and 47 adults present for the jolly chaos.  We were thrilled to have 3 dads present as well as many moms and nannies.  The children seemed to have fun too. We had a few dress up like Mary, Joseph, shepherds and wise men.  It really was cute.  We also learned that even Santa loves Jesus and prays to Jesus.  Bloor West Village 3My own favorite part is when we are going to pray, we say “OK let’s pray, HANDS” (to which there is a simultaneous loud clap as all little hands come together) “EYES”  (eyes squint shut and heads drop).  This is followed by two or three words, repeated by all, for the whole prayer.  It brings such a thrill to my heart and I’m sure to God’s too.    Bloor West Village 1
We have found a way into the community around us.  I’m really curious about what God is going to do with all this.  Should be fun.




Judy Shierman


Judy Shierman is Pastor of Bloor West Village Baptist Church in Toronto.

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