The Star Discussion Guide

The Star Discussion Guide

The Star is a funny movie about the birth of Jesus as told from the perspective of the animals! This is a great movie for families and suitable for all ages from child through adult! Very young children may find some of the characters scary in some parts.

Which of the characters did you like best? Why?

What feelings did you experience in this movie?

A new star appears. Why is this star different? What is so special about it?

What does Messiah mean? Who is the Messiah? Why is he important?

Why does Bo pray? Do you pray? How do you pray? Is prayer important?

Is Dave a good friend to Bo? Why? What do we learn about friendship?

What do you think about the dogs? Why do you think the animals save them? Would you save them? Explain.

Discuss that Bo wants to be part of something important in his life but he keeps missing out on what he thinks is important. In the end he discovers he is part of something important but he didn’t even realize it.

Discuss Mary’s quote: “just because God has a plan doesn’t mean it will be easy.”

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