September’s Beatitude

September’s Beatitude

Blessed are the poor in spirit,
    for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

If you read my first post you will recall that this summer as I reflected on the Beatitudes, my thoughts turned to music and how this passage seems like the ‘song’ of the Sermon on the Mount. As I reflected on this passage the song that immediately popped into my mind was Amazing Grace. When we think of poverty we may immediately think of a physical poverty and while that may be part of it, I’m not sure that is really what Jesus is referring to in this verse. The poverty that he is speaking of is more of one in which we recognise that we have nothing that will gain us the kingdom of heaven. This verse is really like a call to repentance. There is no arrogance or self-righteousness or self-sufficiency. There is a humbleness referred to here. So really, both the materially poor and rich can respond to Jesus.

I wonder what songs come to your mind as your reflect on this passage? What songs are you singing in your children and family ministries that convey this?

Here is a teaching idea you may consider:

Blessed are the Poor in Spirit Lesson for kids

Here is a downloadable conversation starter card you can print and give to families to reflect upon together.

September Beatitude Conversation Starters

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