Riverdance Movie Discussion Guide

Riverdance Movie Discussion Guide

Have you been looking for a tool to discuss death and grief with your child? Riverdance is the surprising answer.  Riverdance is about a boy, Keegan, whose Grandad dies while he is tending the lighthouse.  Keegan is lost in his grief, and struggles to even do as his Grandad asked.  His friend, Moya, takes him to another land where Keegan learns about the deer that protect the rivers and the threat of darkness in the land.  Keegan also learns the value of the light his Grandad kept shining in the lighthouse.  There is so much dancing and so many fun characters. This movie is appropriate for kids 5 years and up, and of course be sensitive to where your child is in understanding grief.  You can find it on Netflix. 

What is your favourite character?   

Was there a part of the movie you liked the best? Why? 

When the Grandad dies, the pastor tells the people to celebrate life. Have you had someone close to you die? How do you like to celebrate their life? 

Moya can dance on the water (and Keegan later finds out her trick…) In the bible, we learn that Jesus walked on the water, and he invited Peter to walk on the water with him. What do we learn about Jesus when he walks on the water? 

“Water renews the spirit.” As Christians, when we accept Jesus in our hearts, we then get baptized – going under the water and washing away our old life and becoming clean and new with Jesus.  What is your experience of baptism? Have you seen someone be baptized? Have others in your family been baptized?  

Keegan becomes the keeper of the light. Jesus is the light of the world. In what ways can you share Jesus’ light with others? 

Benny surprised the rest of the deer by becoming the next keeper of the antlers.  Have you ever surprised yourself by being able to do something you didn’t know you were ready for? 

Keegan and his Grandma both miss Grandad, and Grandma is even hesitant to go to the celebration because it will be the first one without him.  Have you lost someone? Who is someone who shared the feeling of grief with you?  How does Jesus help you with grief? 


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