Review: Grace Based Parenting by Dr. Tim Kimmel

Review: Grace Based Parenting by Dr. Tim Kimmel

I will say it out loud… sometimes this parenting gig is overwhelming.  And exhausting. And I second guess myself… and third guess… and fourth guess… If only there was something solid and trust-worthy that I could base my parenting on!

Tim Kimmel has nailed it in his book Grace Based Parenting.  It’s God.  God is a good, good Father, and is the ultimate parenting model for us.  Ultimately, parenting our kids well is based on unconditional love and grace – so much grace.

This book will not tell you about what consequence to give if your child goes over their screen time or hits their sibling. It does, however, help you create intentionality behind what you choose to react to and what you communicate to your kids as you love them through the easy times and not-so-easy times. By modelling God’s love and grace for us in our parenting, we can both parent well, and give our kids a glimpse of what God feels for them.

God offers the perfect model for us to love our kids.  Take some time and take in Dr. Tim Keller’s book to more fully explore what this looks like in your parenting model.



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