“Preparing for Easter” Family Event

“Preparing for Easter” Family Event

W Resurrection EggsRecently Walmer Road Baptist Church hosted a family lunch and activity event following Sunday morning worship. Families were first invited to ‘make their own sandwiches’ and enjoy some food together with other families. After lunch, each family gathered around a table to create a take home project called Resurrection Eggs.

Resurrection Eggs are a fun, hands on way to engage with the Easter story. In each egg there is an object that corresponds to a Scripture verse. From Palm Sunday to the open tomb on Easter morning, children can learn key elements of Christ’s final week in a memorable way.


For this event at Walmer, supplies were provided for each family to create their own set. Each family received an egg carton, a set of 12 plastic easter eggs and objects for each egg. They also received a set of 12 Scripture verses that you can resurrection eggs. There was a table filled with construction paper, stickers, glue, markers, crayons, string, paint and other items for families to creatively decorate their project. Cardstock and yarn were available for creating a booklet containing the Scripture verses. Families spent the next hour working together to design and assemble their project while they read through the Scripture verses and talked about Jesus.

02172013_007_This was a fun and simple way to provide an opportunity for families to create a project together, talk about Jesus and connect with others. It was a simple and low cost way for Walmer, as a church to provide both an effective tool for families to use to communicate God’s Word and also create a fun and memorable experience for families.


In what ways does your faith community support families in engaging with Easter in a spiritually forming way? Comment below to share your ideas and stories!


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      Great! It was such a great experience for our families and I anticipate will be for the families in your community! Look forward to hearing about it!

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