Praise God!

Praise God!

Historic Sandwich First Baptist Church is experiencing exciting blessings of growth in their children’s ministries as they reach out to kids by learning the bible through art!

Lana shares,

It is with greatness of GOD that I send this email to you.  We at the Historic Sandwich First Baptist Church are so proud of our youth.  We have taught the children the song ‘We Are A Promise’ which they sang on the 22nd and displayed their art and read from their written word.  The transformation of these children are just remarkable and we thank GOD for that.  We show movies once a month always biblical in nature or teaching how to be a friend.  We blessed each child with their own bible and pj’s so they could read the bible before going to bed.  I love these children and they are so very precious to me and our church.  We always have visitors drop in to spread the word of kindness and how we share with each other.  Some of the children have behavioural disconnect but we have gone far beyond what is expected.  Thank you for your concerns and prayers and remembering us makes us feel good.

They now have 18 children attending are continuing to grow! Let’s join Historic Sandwich First Baptist in giving thanks for these young lives that are coming to know and grow in the love of Christ!

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