Play Time with Jesus

Play Time with Jesus

If you are looking for ways to introduce young children to spending time with Jesus in prayer then this is a book worth checking out!

The structure of the book is simple and yet it can lead to some profound times of prayer and intimacy with Jesus. Each page of the book has a colouring page picture of Jesus on one side inviting the child to ‘play’ with Him in some way. The other side of the book is blank and is space for the child to draw or write anything that they think of as they imagine playing with Jesus.

The creator of this material, Jessica de Krijger, described her book to me in this way,

Playtime With Jesus is an interactive prayer style which is especially great for kids. The child pictures themselves playing an activity with Jesus and then they talk to Him and listen to what He says to them. Sometimes they don’t say anything to each other and the focus of the time spent together is just that, time spent together. I have been doing this type of prayer with my kids for 4 or 5 years now and I am very pleased with the results. Both of my kids are experiencing a living relationship with God for themselves. I feel like they not only know about Him, but they know Him. His character, His sense of humor, His faithfulness and best of all…. that He is fun and enjoys spending time with them.

I must confess that even though this book has been created for children, as I have gone through it I find myself discovering how fun it is to ‘play’ with Jesus! As an adult, sometimes I forget that Jesus enjoys spending time with me and I can enjoy spending time with him. So I am also learning to have playtime with Jesus! If you are looking for a fresh approach to your prayer time, perhaps going through this workbook with a child might inspire you too!

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