Pastor Tip

June is a time of changes as kids, youth and young adults celebrate graduations and other milestones. It is important as a pastor and church community you recognize these important accomplishments in your community and celebrate with them.

Following are a few ideas to consider:

  1. Graduation Sunday-Celebrate graduates-this could include everyone from kindergarten, grade 8, high school and even post-secondary. You could incorporate this into a portion of the service or consider an entire service focused around this theme. This could include giving small, meaningful gifts, prayers, even a luncheon or special food after service.
  2. Include a special message of congratulations on social media and/or your church website.
  3. Make lawn signs with grad names to put outside your church
  4. Visit the homes of graduates-you may need to arrange this ahead of time. Arrive with balloons and offer a prayer for the grad.

What are other ways you celebrate the grads in your community?


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