Lilo and Stitch Movie Discussion Guide

Lilo and Stitch Movie Discussion Guide

This adorable movie is different from typical Disney animations. Set in an Hawaiian location, with a fantastic soundtrack of classic Elvis songs, this endearing story depicts important life lessons learned by all the characters. Similar to many Disney movies, it is a story of orphans as Lilo, and her sister Nani grieve the loss of their parents. This may seem like a typical child and her pet movie, but Lilo is no typical girl and Stitch turns out to be an unusual pet! There is a lot to enjoy in this movie, although younger children may find many parts scary or difficult to watch as it can seem chaotic and violent at times.

What did you like about this movie?  What made you laugh?

Would you like to meet an alien like Stitch?  What would it be like to have Stitch live in your home?

Lilo likes to take pictures. If you were to take pictures of people, places and things you love, what would they be?

Nani wants to keep her family together.  What are the things your family does to stay loving, strong and together?

Lilo and Stitch were known for their naughty behaviour.  What helped you understand their true character? Jesus sees our true character and loves us fully. What can help you love others the way Jesus does?

When we do something wrong, we can always ask forgiveness of others and of God.  Where did you spot forgiveness in the movie?  When is a time you asked forgiveness?

Ohana means family. When we follow Jesus, we are part of God’s family. What are the things you love doing with others in God’s family?

Lilo’s Dad said “Ohana means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.”  How can we care for people who are left behind and forgotten?

Other themes to discuss: grief and loss, family, anger, bullies.


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