I am really excited to share with you an opportunity that I discovered a few months ago. You may be aware that the Next Generation Department has been sharing a resource called Imaginative Hope for the last year and a half. If you are not familiar with it, download the report and read more here. One of the 3 Action Steps from this report is to Let Children and Youth Lead now. This is where KidLead comes in. KidLead is an executive caliber leadership training program designed specifically FOR KIDS! I first read the book KidLead by Alan Nelson and was immediately drawn to learn more! I have had the opportunity to speak personally with Alan Nelson, the creator of this program and also observe a night at a church in Burlington that has been running LeadNow (ages 10-13) and LeadWell (ages 14-18) for several years. In the video below you will hear from Pastor Jenni Colwell and Pastor Holly Bates, who are the leaders of this at their church in Burlington.

LeadYoung Vid from Alan Nelson on Vimeo.

Some of our churches are doing some neat things to invest in developing young leaders. Many of our churches might be wondering how they could go about developing and training young leaders. Or perhaps churches are wondering how can we reach out to the community around us and offer a meaningful opportunity to invest in the lives of the next generation? KidLead is one of those opportunities that might be the one you are looking for! I would love for you to connect with me if you are interested. We will be hosting a training session for those interested in bringing KidLead to their community. Email me to find out more information!

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