June Family Faith Conversation

June Family Faith Conversation

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Pear-fect questions to jump into the fruit bowl! 

Let’s continue to explore the fruit of the Spirit – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control (Galatians 5:22-23.)  These are the amazing, God-given traits that grow in us through the Holy Spirit. 

This month, we are going to learn more about self-control. It’s one in a melon!  

Bunch up for a grape question time with your family. 

  • Who is someone you know who has self-control? What do they do that shows this in their life? 
  • What is self-control?  
  • When is a time you showed self-control? 
  • When is it difficult to have self-control?  
  • I wonder, what colour is self-control in your mind? What sound do you hear when you think of self-control? 
  • We see the fruit of the Spirit in our lives because the Holy Spirit is busy working in us!  How do you see self-control being grown in you? 

Possums are animals that help us remember self-control.   When a possum is frightened, he “plays possum” meaning plays dead – they fall over on their side, tongue hangs out of their mouth, drools, and emits a really foul odour from their back ends.  The predator does not want to eat a stinky dead possum! After 10 minutes to 4 hours, the possum “wakes up” and carries on with their day. God made possums with this ability – amazing, right?   Is it hard for you to stay still for a long time?  That would require a LOT of self-control!  “Playing possum” is kind of like self-control.

Download the June Colouring Page with Patty Possum who shares the message of our memory verse for this month.

Watch these short videos to learn more about possums.

God’s Story 

Jump into the story! Jesus taught amazing lessons using parables – a story about everyday things with a lesson for us to learn within.  Let’s take a look at the parable of the Two Sons.  You can find it in Matthew 21:28-32. 

Let’s look deeper at what is going on in this story… 

This parable begins with a dad with two sons.  What does your family look like? Do you have siblings? How are you similar to your sibling? How are you different? 

The father approaches the first son and asks him to go and work in the vineyard.  He says that he will, but then changes his mind and does not go.  Have you ever told your grown ups that you will do something then not do it? What are the consequences of that in your home? 

The second son is also asked to work in the vineyard. He says he won’t, but then he goes to the vineyard and does his work. What do you think made him change his mind?   

Which son did as the father asked?   

Jesus points out that John the Baptist told the people about Jesus coming, yet they did not believe him. Others believed him right away. Why does Jesus want the leaders to understand the first time? 

I wonder… how does self-control and making good choices work together? 

Why does self-control come easier when we spend time with Jesus and the Holy Spirit?   

Imagining Story 

What’s it like when your parents ask you to do a job or chore for them?  Why is it sometimes easy to do as they ask? Why is it sometimes difficult to do as they ask? 

What jobs do you like to do around the house? What jobs aren’t your favourite at your house? 

What happens in your house if you don’t do what you say you will do?  Are there consequences?  What feelings are you experiencing when you make that decision? What feeling do others show around you when you make that choice? 

The second son is asked to work and he says he won’t, but then he changes his mind and works in the vineyard. Has this ever happened in your home?  

How do you make good choices?   

Make your own story! You could write it down, or create it in drawings. You could create it out of play dough or lego bricks.  Be creative! 

Story prompt:  

 Patty Possum, Jesus and I started walking home from the party.  It was a great party with delicious treats and fun games.  The sun was starting to set as we walked. 

“I hope we are home soon,” Patty said. “I don’t like the dark. Sometimes when I am frightened, I fall over and can’t get up again for a few minutes.” 

“We should be home soon,” said Jesus, full of kindness. 

“I had such fun,” I shared. “Although I didn’t like when Pascal beat me at the marshmallow game.  I found myself getting so angry!  I just wanted to… wanted to…” 

Jesus smiled gently. “Wanted to what?” 

“When I get angry,” I went on, “I just want to hit! Kick! Yell!” 

“It’s a big feeling,” said Jesus.  “How do you control yourself in that moment?” 

Prayer time… the cherry on top! 

God thank you for helping me with self-control.  I praise you because… 

Thank you that self-control is such a gift. Help me to show others love and consideration by using my self-control when… 

Help me share how awesome self-control is with… 

I confess that sometimes I don’t have the self-control I would like to.  Help me to be mindful of it when… 

God, thank you that Jesus showed his own self-control in so many ways. Help me to see it… 

God, help me exercise my self-control by also being a person who forgives, shows grace and trusts.  Forgive me, and help me forgive… 

God, help me practice mercy. Please continue to show me your mercy… 



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