Family Compassion Experience – Domincan Republic 2015

Family Compassion Experience – Domincan Republic 2015

Why a Family-based Compassion Experience?

CBOQKIDS_CE_LOGO copyIn our western culture of prosperity and instant gratification children are growing up adapting very easily to a comfortable lifestyle.  An opportunity where they are able to develop an awareness of and concern for a hurting world beyond their comfortable lives alongside those who have the greatest influence on them, their family, is something invaluable in seeing them become counter-cultural.  This experience won’t result in an instant change but this is one of the interactive learning elements for children, along with their parents to see the world “beyond their backyard”, engage with another culture and become aware of the world.  Through this kind of experience they can learn what it means to be part of making a kingdom difference.  There may not be a quantifiable return on financial investment as this experience is one to be viewed from an eternal long-term vantage point.  Done wrong it can be damaging, but done right it can have a ripple effect that doesn’t end.

Overview of CE-DR 2015LightHouse

This December, families have the opportunity to travel to the Lighthouse Projects in Dominican Republic. Lighthouse Protects is an outreach ministry that cares greatly about the needs of the local people. It is currently located in Los Alcarrizos, a community of over 312,000 people about 30 minutes north-west of Santo Domingo, the capital city of the Dominican Republic.The experience will include a work project, ministry outreach, learning about the country and worship with a local church.

Each day families will spend the morning on the work project. The main tasks will include things such as painting and tying rebar. The afternoons will consist of ministry outreach. This will include opportunities of going out into the community to meet families through leading games, face painting and sharing about your life and also hosting families for similar types of activities and swimming at the LightHouse Compound. There will also be some afternoons where we will travel into the city and visit some historical sites and learn about the country.

LH 3 LH 2LH 4We are excited to be offering this new opportunity, in partnership with Careforce International  in 2015.

Check out the facebook page for more about this project.


Application Available for download Application.   Read the FAQ section for more details.

Cost of this experience is approximately $1995 per person.

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