Eyes that See & Ears that Hear

Eyes that See & Ears that Hear


“What if your children could grow up hearing the voice of their heavenly Father daily? What if they could walk in intimate friendship with Jesus from a young age?” These questions are the basis of the book, Eyes that See and Ears that Hear by Jennifer Toledo. My own experience serving in children’s ministry has made me realize how important it is that we don’t just teach children about God or even that they can know God—which is all good and important! But we must also create an environment where children can actually experience God and learn how to hear his voice.

I have found this book to be so helpful in giving biblical teaching and practical tools and language to guide children into encountering God. The book is structured as a 6 week ‘course’ for parents to use with their children. However, it can also be used by grandparents, Sunday school teachers, pastors, etc. Each chapter begins with a biblical understanding for the lesson and includes instructions for parents to facilitate the lesson as well as a variety of activities to try together. It concludes with some ‘homework’ activities to continue to practice what was learned.

The first chapter, “The ABC’s of Hearing God” lays the foundation for the rest of the book. Readers are instructed not to move forward until children have engaged in the activities covered and have begun to learn to hear God speak. This chapter covers material such as learning the different ways God speaks, which include an audible voice, inner audible voice, whisper, spontaneous thought, feelings or impressions, knowing, Scripture, other people, signs, pictures, nature and art. It teaches children to begin to discern between understanding what might be God’s voice, their own voice or Satan’s voice.

The following 5 chapters move through the themes of hearing God for Friendship, Direction, Inner Healing, Others and the Gift of Seeing. There is also a ‘Help!’ section in the back that addresses a number of common challenges that may come up such as, “My child is not hearing anything and is discouraged” and “My child is continuing to hear really off the wall things that are clearly not the Lord. What should I do?”

Perhaps some may hesitate to try this out because it is not something they know how to do, let alone teach children. If that is the case then this is definitely a book to engage with! You can learn along with your children. Go through the material first yourself and do the exercises. As you learn to hear God’s voice you will be able to effectively teach your children to learn to hear God’s voice.

God is alive and He speaks to us today! We, both young and old, just need to develop the eyes to see and the ears to hear His voice!

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      The book itself does not specify a particular age that it is designed for. I would say that the overall concepts of leading children to learn to pray and hear God’s voice and some of the activities could be done with children as young as 2 or 3. My opinion is that the majority of the content of this book would likely work best with children who are 6 and older.

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    Good day I really also want to buy the book but it is sold out at Bethel store. Where can I buy it. Regards Driekie Rankin

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