Extinct Movie Discussion Guide

Extinct Movie Discussion Guide

Extinct is a really fun movie about some creatures, the Flummels, that through a zany set of circumstances are trying to prevent their own extinction.  It is a time-travel adventure that also looks at sibling relationships as seen between brother and sister, Op and Ed, fully appreciating how complex siblings can be! Extinct also dives into friendships, belonging, and jealousy. This is a great movie for kids 5 years old and up.  It’s a great film for family discussions. Enjoy our questions below with your kids!  You can find Extinct on Netflix. 

Did you have a favourite character? Which one? Why? 

Which character made you laugh? 

Which character would you love to be friends with? 

There are lots of adventures in this movie. Who do you like to have adventures with? 

If you could travel in time, where and when would you like to travel? 

Op loves adventure and Ed wants to be more cautious. Which character are you more similar to? 

Ed says some hurtful things to Op.  When is a time you said something hurtful? What did you do to try to make it right?  

God always forgives us. When you mess up, do you ask for forgiveness? What is that like for you? 

Why do you think God made me so different from our siblings? 

Clarence became a villain because he was very jealous. Do you ever feel jealous? How does God feel about jealousy? 

When did you see Op, Ed, and the others show love for each other? 


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