Dumbo Discussion Guide

Dumbo Discussion Guide

Dumbo is a live action remake of the classic Disney animation about a flying elephant. While it includes an expanded storyline that brings in some dark, intense, sometimes scary and sad scenes there are also some great themes of compassion, empathy and courage displayed as well as a the theme that being different makes someone special. Very young kids may find parts of the movie too intense and scary.

Which of the characters did you like best? Why?

What feelings did you experience in this movie? Why?

Why did everyone laugh at Dumbo? How did Milly and Joe treat Dumbo?

Discuss the theme of being different/not belonging. How did the movie portray differences as making someone special?

Why did people come to see Dumbo as special?

Discuss courage. How did you see courage displayed in the movie? What does it mean to be courageous?

Other themes to discuss: teamwork, loss & grief, empathy.

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