Don’t Forget to Pack the Kids

Don’t Forget to Pack the Kids

MissionBook Review

This book is an excellent, practical resource for families wondering about or interested in an overseas mission experience with their young children.

The author shares from her own experiences the reasons why this is a valuable and important opportunity for families to consider as well as detailed, step-by-step instructions of how to make it happen.

She addresses the need for children to understand other cultures and levels of privilege, discover that they can be ministers at any age and do something meaningful for others now. She shares how this kind of an experience is powerful in injecting compassion and generosity into their daily life and future.

Along with making the case for why families should consider this and how, she also addresses fears and reasons that may prevent families from considering something like this.

If you or a family you know is interested in an overseas service opportunity such as this, then this is a must read!

If you or a family is interested in participating in an overseas compassion experience with other families check out the two opportunities hosted by CBOQ Children and Family in 2014 here.

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