Dolittle Movie Discussion Guide

Dolittle Movie Discussion Guide

Dolittle takes the original book and other movie adaptations in a new direction resulting in a laugh out loud, kid-friendly movie of fun and adventure. The multiple talking animals are sure to delight kids and it is clear this movie was written with them in mind. However there is a fair amount of violence and scenes that may be scary for younger kids. There are so many great themes for conversation from loss and abandonment, overcoming grief, compassion and teamwork. There is not a lot of depth to the movie but it does provide some fun, family entertainment with an overall positive message for kids.

Which of the characters did you like best? Why?

What feelings did you experience in this movie?

Dr. Dolittle tells Chee-Chee, “It’s ok to be scared”. How does that influence his behaviour throughout the rest of the movie? What are the things that scare you?

In what ways do you see teamwork in this movie? How does that help Dr. Dolittle and his friends and animals?

What examples of compassion did you see in the movie? How does it affect different characters? Does it change the outcome of anything? In what ways can we express compassion to others?

Other themes to discuss: grief and ways loss is dealt with, friendship, family, helping others.

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