Pastor Tip: Include an intentional welcome message for new or visiting families to you online worship

With most of our churches online for worship, how do you welcome new or visiting families if you cannot see them? How do visiting families find out about any children’s programming or family ministry opportunities?

Including an intentional welcome specifically for families is an easy way to communicate that you are interested in including them in your community. You may want to briefly include details that they may be interested in, such as any children’s programming that is happening. If you are streaming either live or prerecorded services on facebook or youtube, invite visiting families to leave a comment that they joined your worship. Be sure someone is responsible for reading and responding to these comments! You may want to consider having messages throughout your service rather then just one time for those that may be scrolling through online.

If you have dedicated ministry leaders for children and families be sure to work with them on the best way to follow up on visiting families.

With the majority of our experiences being online these days, this is one easy way you can show care for those families checking out your service.

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