CBOQKids “Faith&Family” Event with the TiCats!

CBOQKids “Faith&Family” Event with the TiCats!


This past Saturday CBOQKids had a chance to spend some time down on the field with the Hamilton Ti-Cats! After enjoying an exciting game watching our Ontario tigers slaughter the BC lions, getting down on the field was icing on the cake!

Our program began with Steve Kearns, the Ti-Cat team chaplain sharing a bit about what he and the guys on the team have been studying out of scripture and explaining how they meet regularly each week for prayer and encouragement. He then had the guys from the small group each share a bit about their own faith and their stories. Matt Coates, Luke Tasker and the others talked about the importance of spending time together in their small group, the importance of spending time alone staying honest with God, and spending time with their families who keep them grounded.


We were not too surprised to see how many budding athletes we have in our churches. We knew those kids had talent! Got to witness some power house plays by some mighty little ones. kidsonfield
Thank you again to our great group of volunteers who helped make this evening happen! You were great with the kids and were able to adapt on the fly to whatever was happening. And even though we at CBOQ didn’t get you home until 1am, you were still were in church the next morning; lack of sleep taken like true pros 😉

Bless you Steve Kearns and all that you do with the TiCat team. What a privilege for us to get a glimpse at your unique calling and ministry to the players.


(Steve, then & now!)

Thanks to the players who graciously gave up their own time to hang out with us and encourage our kids in their journeys of faith. All around, a wonderful evening with CBOQ family, exploring faith on the field!

If you weren’t able to join us this year but are interested in a free copy of “Heart of a Champion-CFL Booklet” please send us a note and we’d love to send a copy to you and your family!
Thank you for generously supplying these to us, Athletes in Action!
Also please check out our football related Faith-Building family resource that you can explore with your children. Links to Christian football players and their stories and questions for our kids on what it means to live out our faith “on the field”.


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