C . R . E . A . T . E .

Our strategy to fulfill our mission takes place in these six ways

C Coaching and Consultation

Meeting with ministry leaders or churches to discuss a variety of children and family ministry issues. (examples)

R Resources

Online, in print and through partnerships. (example One Stage to the Next and topic playlists)

E Empower

Creating ways for ministry leaders to come alongside parents (grandparents, caregivers) to be involved in Kingdom-focused ways (example  conversation starters, family faith resources)

A Advocacy and Research

Together, building awareness and giving children and family ministry a voice in our churches (example Multi-national Children’s Ministry Report)

T Training

Providing high quality professional development. (example Children and Family Ministry Certificate Training Program or Toronto Children’s Ministry Conference)

E Experiences

Doing things together that we might not be able to do alone that creates spiritual life change. (example Raptors 905 Family Faith event)


CBOQ Kids comes alongside our churches in supporting the discipleship process by providing resourcing and support that:

*guides children in taking one step closer to Jesus

*provides simple ideas and resource suggestions for developing a strong biblical knowledge and worldview

*fosters intergenerational Christian faith community for children to flourish and grow spiritually, emotionally, mentally and socially.

*offers opportunities, ideas and resources to encourage children to discover and grow in servanthood and leadership

We don’t offer a specific program because programs for children’s ministry look different in every context. What we do offer are simple tools and resources to help you in partnering with parents (grandparents/key adult caregivers) in growing in faith together.

These resources include:

*Family faith formation conversations

*Takeout Church summer resource

*Social media-we post dinnertime conversation starters, I Wonder… or Would you Rather… questions to prompt conversation, ideas for serving, blessings, prayers and encouragements for parents.

*Reel Family Time discussion guides 

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