Book Review

Book Review

It can be difficult to address death and grief with children and yet it is so important that children do need ways to express emotions, ask questions and address issues of loss. This book is one great resource, geared for kids ages 4 – 8 to guide them through expressing and processing feelings and questions they may have around death. It is a solid, Biblically-based book that does into details about death and heaven. However there is not a lot of specific detail given about heaven saying,

“We don’t know exactly where Heaven is or what it is like.  But we don’t have to know, because God knows.  But we do know Heaven is wonderful.  It is not a sad or scary place to be.  It is a happy place, a fun place, a terrific place.  In fact, Heaven is better than the very best place you can think of.”

This book has beautiful illustrations and space for children to draw pictures and write and other interactive elements that will make this book a beautiful keepsake of memories for a child.

Here is a great post with recommendations for 10 Christian books for children about death and heaven that is worth checking out.

Are there books or resources you have found helpful for working with children/families experiencing grief and loss?

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