Book Review

Book Review

This book, along with her 2 kids’ books – The Greatness Chair and Sarah in the The Greatness Chair are certainly worth reading. We are well aware of the many challenges that children encounter, the rise in mental health issues and other labels given to children. This book offers a different and powerful way for teachers, parents, therapists, and anyone with children in their lives to approach kids and the behaviours they exhibit and bring out in us.

The authour, Dr. Kathleen Friend is a Child Psychiatrist, and while this book is not written from a specifically Christian perspective it is full of practical wisdom, experience and expertise that flows from seeing our kids the way God seems them. What she offers in this book is an approach that is based on creating safe, nurturing and connected relationships and she offers strategies to help children thrive. She defines greatness not as a “sugarcoating of reality” but “optimism with open eyes.”

This book offers a systematic, 7 week journey that will help readers build optimism, emotional strength and resilience in themselves and the children in their lives. In the first 6 weeks, each week focuses on one of 6 basic powers of intention, attention, posture, sensation, inspiration and invocation. There are practical activities to guide both adults and children through them. Each week builds on the one before, culminating in Week 7 where the Greatness Chair is introduced.

It is fun and interactive. It will deepen the relationally bonds between adult and child. It is strengths based and compatible with social emotional learning. It will strengthen your skills in leading and teaching children, whether you are a pastor, teacher, parent or counselor to them.

Pick up a copy. And be sure to grab her other 2 children’s books that depict the power of the Greatness Chair.










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