Book Review

Book Review

Intentional Fun: The Pleasure of Pursuing Faith with Kids by Cheri Howard is a book filled with a variety of ideas and tools for helping kids connect with God. We recognize that having daily family devotions can be a meaningful and important rhythm for families that shape their lives. But we also know that it might be a struggle for families to build this routine and keep at it. This book is a helpful resource to equip your families with. Based on real experiences and ideas, this book offers all kinds of different ways to engage kids from a young age through adulthood in a devotional practice as a family.

The introduction of the book is about the whys and hows of family devotions and includes a brief background to the authour’s personal journey towards daily family devotions, how to include kids in the leadership of this time, the importance of engagement for both child and adult and the challenges of bringing Scripture and children together.

The next section of the book goes through a number of gospel stories and ways to intentionally engage them in fun. There is a collection on Intentional Fun activities, such as action figure play, Bible pictionary, dance/movement, nature, various prayers ideas and more. There is a section on intentional fun drama and intentional fun with holidays.

This book is a great resource both for families and for churches looking for fun ways to engage groups of children and/or youth. Many of the ideas will work very well for a meaningful intergenerational devotional experience as they are created for preschool through adult.

There are some great tips for getting started and tips for keeping it simple and sustainable long term. If you want to be intentional about Scripture that engages child and adult in fun and meaningful ways, this is a great book to check out!


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