Book Review

Book Review

Christian Educator and Pastor, Trevecca Okholm has written a very helpful book geared for newly married and about to be married couples, married couples with kids and for church leaders. Not only would I recommend this book be given to couples and families, but pastors, children’s pastors, youth pastors and other leaders would really benefit from reading this book!

The book begins with the authour briefly outlining the research that has been done on the current state of marriage and family and then in the second chapter she discusses the concept of the Kingdom of God and the missional mandate given to the church. The rest of the book is full of practical ideas and stories of raising children in Kingdom-focused faith which also include ancient formation practices with ideas of applying them in ways families and marriages today can live them out. She writes,

This book is about living married life and creating a family from a Kingdom perspective. What if we were less concerned with insulating ourselves from the culture and more concerned to be a missional model of the God-ordained purpose of our marriage (for the sake of the culture)?

Further on, she poses the question, “What might it mean for our culture to be exposed to missional or Kingdom-focused marriage?” (p. 39)

This book is full of very practical ideas in response to that question and ideas for raising kids and living as families in this Kingdom-focused way.

Another feature of this book which makes it so practical and helpful is the Conversation Starters section at the end of each book. She includes questions geared for engaged or newly married couples; for families with children and for Christian educators or pastors. This is a valuable resource both to give to couples and families but also for pastors/leaders as they lead and nurture the ministry environment in their faith communities!

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