Book Review

Book Review

This is a fun new book from Tim Huff that is definitely worth checking out! While it might appear to be a children’s book, this is actually a great book for all ages! Go on a journey with Hush as he introduces readers to his friends-The Christmas Hoopla, The Christmas Hustle & Bustle, The Christmas Frenzy, The Christmas Fuss, The Christmas Cheer, The Christmas Blues and The Christmas Buzz. This story will make you laugh, make you think, make you pause to reflect and perhaps maybe even consider how you move through the Advent season and make way for the Christmas Hush.

The delightful illustrations and wonderful storytelling are captivating! Not only is the a fantastic book for young and old alike, but there are lots of added bonus resources both in the book and online, including a video written specifically for this book by Mike Janzen, colouring and activity sheets and more found here.

I had the privilege of attending the book launch and it was a unique and delightful experience! Not only should you check out this book, but you should check out the live, interactive storytelling/performance opportunity that will be available to host next year!


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