Book Review

Book Review

Who am I?

Every follower of Jesus is invited to discover that their identity is found in Christ. This easy to read book is a great resource for meditating on Scripture passages that convey our identity in Christ, reflecting on what that means by practically applying that truth, and responding creatively with words, pictures, prayers, etc.

This year CBOQ Kids, along with CBOQ Youth and CBOQ are focusing on a shared theme of CLEAR. For CBOQ Kids and Youth we are focusing on this theme by digging into the identity statements of who we are in Christ. CBOQ is focusing on the “I Am” statements of who Jesus says he is.

Who Am I? written by Sharon Simmonds, explores 22 identity in Christ statements and is a fantastic resource for intentionally reflecting upon Scriptural truths of identity in Christ it would make for a great individual or group study.

Contact Bernice at Read On Books to purchase your copy.

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