Book Review

Book Review

This delightfully rhyming book, aimed at 3 -7 year olds is sure to be a welcome addition to your church library or a great gift for families!

Matthew Paul Turner, authour of many fantastic books for kids, including his newest, When I Pray for You, has captured a beautifully written story of purpose for kids. This story inspires and assures kids that they are deeply loved and created as unique and special. This book beautifully celebrates the image of God in each child. It is a visually stunning book and while it is aimed at young children it has a depth to it that I think any age should read it. I love that this authour so skillfully crafts beautiful children’s books that are deeply theological.

I recommend this book and encourage ministry leaders to consider this as a gift option for new parents or baby dedications. After reading this book, be sure to check out his other books too!


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