Pastor Tip

We are heading into another fall ministry season and if you are looking for some ideas of connecting with and supporting children, youth, students and their families, we have compiled a brief list of suggestions for you.

(If you are looking for specific guidance around re-opening children’s ministry or want to join the conversation on Sept. 14 details are here.)

  • Pray for students and educators, both personally and as a church, as they navigate the coming weeks with return to in-class instruction. Some churches do a “Blessing of the Backpacks” service as a way to pray as a community. Here is a free worship liturgy to consider.
  • Support your children’s ministry leaders as they navigate new routines and procedures for children’s ministry.
  • Support your youth leaders as they jump back into a more “routine” youth ministry season.
  • Survey families to find out the ones that have opted for online learning for this school year and the ones with kids returning to in-person learning. Pray for them. Listen to the concerns they may have.
  • If you have any new post-secondary students, whether they are living at or away from home, personally send them a message (digital or hard copy) to encourage them in this new stage of life.
  • Encourage each of your more mature Christ followers to individually invest in 1-2 children/youth in your congregation or community. Read more.
  • For families with younger children, check out our brand new theme and the faith formation components we have available here.

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