All-encompassing Prayer Service

All-encompassing Prayer Service

Recently Mimico Baptist Church had an all-encompassing prayer worship service where congregants were invited to pray through their senses. It included all ages with lots of prayer, worship and other elements. Rev. Alvin Lau, a member of Mimico (and our CBOQ Youth Associate!) designed and led this service.

He began by leading people to pray by using the smell of cookies to raise praise and adoration. People were invited to eat the cookies with a partner and share a prayer of thanksgiving. They were invited to write out a confession and then bring it forward to a paper shredder. They prayed prayers of  supplication with images on the screen and with some sharing out loud. These different prayer responses were interspersed with responsive Scripture readings. Over all it seemed to be a very meaningful service for everyone who attended.

It is great to hear about the ways different faith communities are developing intergenerational worship experiences!

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