Advent/Christmas 2020

Advent/Christmas 2020

Can you believe we are just 6 weeks away from the start of Advent? This is another significant season in the life of children and families ministries that we are experiencing in the midst of a pandemic. Once again we are being called upon to rethink how we engage the kids and families in our communities in new ways. Each of our contexts will be different in terms of what we can do, but whatever the situation may be I believe we all share a common purpose in desiring to provide opportunities for families to slow down and take time to focus on the significance of the Incarnation, provide meaningful opportunities for kids and families to celebrate together (even if that means together online!) and to offer the relational touch from you as pastor.

Today, our bi-monthly “I wonder…” zoom call was focused on this topic. We had a great discussion as various pastors shared the creative ways they are planning to engage kids and families this year. If you would like to listen to that 30 minute recording, please email Tanya for the link.

Below is a couple resources and ideas worth considering:


Faithful Families for Advent and Christmas is a wonderful new resource by Traci Smith that contains lots of great, simple ideas. Check out my review post which also includes a link to an “Advent in a Box” idea.


Illustrated Ministry has some great new resources releasing on October 20, including a Virtual Christmas Pagent! has compiled a fantastic list of resources and ideas that are sure to get your creativity flowing for your community!

CTA has a number of inexpensive but meaningful activities, stickers books, etc to put in take home kits for families or use in programming.

These are just a few ideas what have you found? What are you planning? Share in the comments!


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