Children and Communion

Children and Communion

Looking for a brand new resource to help you start having conversations with your kids about Communion? Well CBOQkids has created a brand new resource to help you as a parent, staff or volunteer begin the conversation around what communion is, the significance in remembering and the value in this act of thanksgiving. Download our resource on Children and Communion to use in your communities today!

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    Thank you for your comments and resource links. One thing that I found to be helpful was to have a curriculum that I could use with the kids. I use a book by Laura Kalmar called “Communion” that has 4 lessons on communion with puzzles, activities and creative ways to teach about communion. I try to take the Grade 4-5 class into the service every other year, but start with a lesson on Communion from this book before we experience it together. We give children the option to celebrate with the class or their families, but we send a note home first to help families have the discussion as to whether they are ready to take communion on not. If they choose not to take it, they will at least be able to experience it before they are too old for children’s church. If you are interested in the resource I mentioned here is the link

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