Make Your Own Candy Nativity

Make Your Own Candy Nativity

Make some sweet memories together with your kids as you talk about the Nativity Story! Use the following conversation prompts to wonder together about some of the key events and people in the birth of Jesus as you create a nativity scene out of candy! You could do this as 1 activity together or spread this out over the 4 weeks of Advent as part of other readings or practices that you engage in to mark this season! We have listed the supplies we used but feel free to get creative and use whatever candy or food elements you have!

We would love to see what you have created!  Grown ups, post your littles’ creations on social media using #candynativity and #cboqkids


  • royal icing (to act as ‘glue’)
  • graham crackers
  • assorted gumdrop candies
  • small candy canes
  • pretzels and pretzel sticks
  • marshmallows
  • cereal

Let’s make an angel 

Read Luke 1:26-38 together.

The angel shares amazing news with Mary on behalf of God – a messenger! God uses many different ways to speak with us. How have you heard God’s voice? What was that like? What words do you hope God speaks to you this Christmas?  

Using icing and gumdrops, create the body and head of the angel.  You can use two small candy canes for wings.  Make your angel unique!  How will you decorate? Use your imagination and lots of candy.


Let’s make the stable 

Read Luke 2:4-7 together.

I wonder about all of the feelings Mary and Joseph felt when they settled into the stable! God provided them a very unusual space to keep them safe and warm, and where baby Jesus would be born. What are some special spaces where you feel close to God?  

Using some graham crackers and icing, create a stable of your own. You can also create sheep with marshmallows and some pretzels. You could also decorate with cereal to make the walls look like wood.   




Let’s make Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus 

Read Luke 2:8-19 together.

Just like the angel said, and in the stable God provided, Jesus was born! I wonder what sounds they heard in the first few moments? What do you think Mary and Joseph might have said to each other, or whispered over Jesus? What would you say to brand new baby Jesus?  

Make your own Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus! Using gumdrops and icing, create your people. Try squashing down a gumdrop to create a blanket. What will you use for the manger? Another graham cracker might be a good start! 


Let’s make those who came to worship – the Shepherds and Wise Men 

Read Matthew 2:1-11 together.

Do you know the word Emmanuel? It means “God with us.” Jesus’ birth means just that – that we have God with us! Shepherds and wise men came to meet the new baby, and they bowed down to worship. What does worship mean? What are ways that you worship? Have you tried worshipping with art, music, prayer? Have you worshipped using your toys? There are so many ways to come before Jesus and say “You are awesome because…”  

Create your own shepherds and wisemen! You can use icing and gumdrops. A candy cane looks a lot like a shepherd’s crook! You can use cereal or other candy to create the wise men’s gifts.  





Nativity Story

We hope you have enjoyed creating your Candy Nativity! I wonder…why is the Nativity Story so important? We would love to see pictures of your creation and hear about your conversations! Email Tanya to share your stories.



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