June Mission Training and Mini Missions

June Mission Training and Mini Missions

Below you will find all the Mission Training and Mini Missions that will be published on our Instagram and this Facebook Page. The Family Time Capsule Activity is also posted here.

Family time capsule

During this exceptional year, wouldn’t it be interesting to create a record of what God is doing in your family as you grow together?

This is easy – with a few prompts, you can create a cool time capsule. You can do it in a journal or notebook.  (If your really keen, check out some ideas we have gathered on crafty time capsule ideas that we have compiled on this Pinterest board)

June Questions:

PRO-TIP: Date your pages!

Name 3 things that are going on in your family right now.

It’s the last month of school! What has been difficult about this year? What has been wonderful?

Ask everyone in your family to choose their favourite book.  Take a photo of everyone holding their current favourite book.

What do you like about celebrating God?  Is there anything you find challenging?

What has God been saying to you as you have been celebrating him?

What is one was you can share God’s love this month?

What is one thing you would like to pray for your family members this month?

This past school year, we have been exploring all kinds of spiritual disciplines!  What are some things you want to keep doing regularly?


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