Book review Special Needs Smart Pages

Book review Special Needs Smart Pages

I love how churches are paying attention to making church welcoming to everyone.  I love the picture of church where no one is marginalized or excluded, especially when disabilities and learning differences can be such a barrier.

Whether you are creating a special needs ministry for kids from scratch, or building on to and improving upon what you are already doing, Gospel Light’s Special Needs Smart Pages is a great resource to reach for. It is laid out with easily accessible chapter headings and step by step options to consider and put in place.  It is wonderfully thought through with biblical grounding on each page. The pages can be used by and individual or easily used in a group setting for discussion and consideration.

Special Needs Smart Pages covers everything from awareness to staffing, and shares very hands on tips for working with specific diagnoses.  Intellectual and physical disabilities are well described with specific instructions for effectively working with each. Another section describes Autism Spectrum Disorder really well, with tips and activities for reaching kids on the spectrum.

I also really like how the book directs leaders to be well equipped but also to partner with families to best meet the needs of the kids.  You can engage parents easily with the reproducible forms that gather insightful and useful information.

Consider picking up this book to help you think through and implement loving relationships and effective policies to best serve such amazing kids!

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