Book Review

Book Review

This is a must read book for all married couples and one that pastors should consider buying cases of to gift to couples! This book is an easy to read, highly practical, fun resource to help rekindle joy in marriage. The taglines on the cover read “How 15 Minutes a Day Will Help You Stay in Love. Brain Science Hacks That Boost Your Emotional, Spiritual, and Physical Connection. And this book does deliver on that claim. The authours make the claim that “Falling “out of love” is all about the absence of joy.” (pl16) This book is set up with a short chapter to read and then practices, based on brain science to do. The book contains 7 chapters:

  1. Shrink Your Joy Gap
  2. The Brain Science Behind Joy
  3. Why Joy Can Be So Hard to Rind
  4. Habit #1: Play Together
  5. Habit #2: Listen for Emotion
  6. Habit #3: Appreciate Daily
  7. Habit #4: Nurture a Rhythm

Following these chapters is Wrap Up: Making a Plan, followed by 4 Appendices of additional exercises for the 4 habits.

This book is accessible, practical and based on solid research and data. And it is full of simple, fun ways to reconnect and build daily joy into your relationship with your spouse.

Why is CBOQ Kids recommending a marriage book? Marriage is tough, and marriage during the early parenting years particularly so! It is so easy for couples to lose sight of their own relationship in the midst of the tiring, busy early years which is why we launched our resource Rekindle: Sparking Fun in Your Marriage. This book is a top recommendation for resourcing couples! Contact Bernice to order copies and consider picking one up for all the couples in your ministry.


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